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Homestead Borough is accepting letters of interest for council.

Job Opportunity

Level 2 Administrative Assistant

The Borough of Homestead, PA is seeking qualified applicants for the position of a Level 2 Administrative Assistant.  This position provides administrative support to the Borough Manager and administrative office. Duties include general clerical, financial, receptionist and project-based work and other tasks as assigned by the Borough Manager. Some business items are of a confidential nature and must be effectively and appropriately dealt with as such.  This position performs routine administrative work such as answering phones, receiving the public, providing customer assistance, data processing, typing, social media management, document management and filing reports.  This position also supports technical administrative staff with tasks such as bookkeeping, word processing, spreadsheets, and closing daily deposits as needed.  High school diploma or equivalent and two (2) years of related experience required.  Must be able to work as a team and as an individual, be bonded and have the ability to pass a criminal background check.

A complete job description can be obtained by contacting Lauren Zang, Borough Manager.  Submit resume, application and cover letter to Homestead Borough, 221 East 7th Avenue, Attn: Lauren Zang, Borough Manager Homestead, PA 15120 by 11/29/2019 close of business.

Homestead Community Day 

Homestead Community Day will be held Saturday, August 17th at Frick Park.
For more information they can contact the office at 412-461-1340.

GED Prep Classes

The AIU in the Waterfront will be offering GED Prep Classes that will prepare learners to take and pass the GED exam. If you are interested, please contact Joseph Tokar at or 412-350-2249.

Head Start Fall Sign-Ups

If you are interested in having your child attend a Head Start Classroom in the Fall sign-ups are occurring now. Your child must be 3 years old by September 1st to be eligible to start in the fall. If you live in the Homestead area, please contact Kim Fowler at 412-335-1143. If you live in the West Mifflin area, please call Katie Alioto at 412-720-8869.

Pittsburgh EMS Training Division

On the second and fourth Monday of the month, Pittsburgh EMS Training Division will be offering free car seats at their Strip District location at 220 22nd Street, Pittsburh, PA 15222.

Battle of Homestead

Upcoming Events

Don't miss our fall events!

Please Read The October 2018 Battle of Homestead News for upcoming October events!

For more events and ticket prices visit:

Step into your future at Job Corps!

Real Skills For The Real World

Pittsburgh Job Corps Training Flyer!
Heavy Equipment Operations Training Flyer!
I.U.O.E. National Training!

Survey - Sustainable Businesses in Homestead

July 17th, 2018

We want to know your opinion about sustainability and about developing a business incubator in Homestead. Knowing your perception helps the Borough identify the best ideas to support the community.

An incubator (similar to a baby’s incubator), is a facility created to support business during their early months. It commonly provides affordable space to work, shared offices and services, business training, and marketing support. 

Sustainability or sustainable development is defined as the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This survey is completely anonymous; it will take about 5 minutes and is made with research purposes only. 

Sustainable Businesses in Homestead Survey

Storm Water Management

You, the public are an important partner in the campaign to preserve Western Pennsylvania’s greatest asset – our water supply.  Pure water is essential for all forms of life.  Keeping our water safe from contamination is in everyone’s best interest.  The EPA website will provide tips on how you can help preserve this vital commodity.

When you wash your car at home, where does that water go?  It likely goes onto the street where it is collected in a storm sewer which transports it to a stream or river.  If you use harsh chemicals to clean you car, they will also go into the stream where they can kill fish or wildlife that may drink the water.  It is better to go to a commercial car wash where the water us cleaned and reused or if possible, wash your car in a grassy area where the water will filter into the ground instead of running off into a creek.

Salt is another source of water contamination.  While we all want to clear the snow and ice from out walks and driveways to be safe, please remember to use salt or other deicers sparingly.  Use only as much as needed.  This will help minimize contamination and also save you money!

More information on how to protect our water resources is available at:

Street Sweeping

  • Street sweeping begins in April and ends in October.  It is the third and fourth Thursdays of the month.  Parking tickets are issued on these days.
  • All cars need to be moved from the streets on the posted street sweeping days.  All Borough streets have permanent street sweeping signs posted stating the date and time.

Another Way to Protect our Rivers and Streams

Did you know that anything that goes into a catch basin or storm inlet on the street eventually ends up in a stream or river?  You can help protect our water resources by reporting any activity that could cause pollution of our waterways.  If you see someone dumping anything into a storm inlet or even just dumping something on the street such as oil or auto fluids, litter, paint, grass clippings, hazardous waste or cleaning fluids, you can report this to the Homestead municipal office at 412-461-1340.  Please get as much information as possible including a photo, the location and time and other pertinent information.

Together we can all protect water, our most valuable resource. 

Electronic Recycling Required in PA

By law, Allied Waste, the garbage collector for Homestead Borough, can no longer take televisions, laptops, computers, printers or other electronic computer and/or audio-visual items as part of the Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act. It is against the law for these items to be thrown out with your trash and for us to take them. They must now be recycled and can be dropped off at a designated collection point.  Below is a collection site, but you will need to call for more information.

eLoop, LLC (E)
625 Plum Industrial Court, Pittsburgh

For more information on the covered device recycling act, please visit the State's website by clicking HERE.  

For more information on other places to recycle, please visit

Upcoming Events

Don't miss our fall events!   
Sunday, September 9th @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (free) at the Pump House!
For more events and ticket prices visit:

Battle of Homestead

Upcoming Events

Don't miss our fall events!   
Sunday, September 9th @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (free) at the Pump House!
For more events and ticket prices visit:




























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