Forms, Permits and Applications

If you know which form you need, select it from the list below. If you are not sure of the form or application needed, please contact the Borough office for more information at 412-461-1340.

Before You Download

The forms on this website are saved as PDFs. Click on the link of your choice to have the form open in your browser window. You can save it to your hard drive or print it out.

If your computer does not have the required Adobe PDF Reader, click the following link to download a free version of Adobe Reader.

After completing the form, please mail it to the Borough Office, or drop it off at the proper department of the Borough office:

Homestead Borough
221 East 7th Avenue
Homestead, PA 15120

Forms may also be faxed to the Borough at 412-461-4057. Faxing a form to the Borough does not exempt you from payment of the fees associated with the application.


Business Privilege and/or Mercantile License
Commercial Parking Lot Privilege Tax Application
Live Shows and Special Events Application
Mechanical Device License
Peddling or Soliciting Application

Rental Properties

Annual Rental License Application
Rental Unit Inspection Certificate Application

Building & Occupancy Permits

Occupancy-Building Permit
Occupancy Placard Application
Plot Plan Requirements
Temporary Occupancy Permit
Zoning Certificate Application

Permit Submission/Inspection Guides

Commercial & Multi-Family Building Permit Submittal Guide
Deck Building Permit Submittal Guide
Manufactured & Industrialized Housing Building Permit Submittal Guide
New 1 or 2 Family Dwelling Permit Submittal Guide
Residential Addition Submittal Guide
Sign Permit Submittal Guide
Swimming Pool/Spa/Hot Tub Inspection Procedures

Electrical Permits

Electrical Permit
Fire Alarm Permit

Mechanical & HVAC Permits

Commercial Cooking Hood Permit
Electrical Permit
HVAC Permit Application 1 & 2 Family Dwellings
HVAC Permit Application Commercial

Fire Permits

Fire Alarm Permit
Fire Suppression Permit
Operational Fire Permit

Sign Permits

Sign Permit Application
Electrical Permit

Demolition Permits

Demolition Permit Application
Temporary Sealing Permit Application
Utility Clearance Form

Land Development

Conditional Use or Rezoning Application
Land Development Application
Subdivision Application

Right-ofWay Permits

Curb Cut & Driveway Connection Permit
Sidewalk Permit
Street Opening Permit
Construction Details
Sidewalk Detail
Street Opening Detail

Other Permits & Information

Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program
Closing Requirements for Property Sales
Complaint Form
Dumpster & PODS Application
Dye Test Certification
Exemption from PA Worker's Compensation Insurance
Fee Schedule
HARB Application
UCC Appeals Board Application
Work Exempt from Building Permits
Zoning Hearing Board Application  


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